DC Capital Striders offers its members discounts on various local races.  Use these codes for various discounts throughout the year.   Check back for updates.


Safety and Health Foundation Series - 2018


The mission of Safety and Health Foundation is to conduct educational events, training programs, and athletic events; to grant certificates of completion and certifications of competencies; to assemble and publish data and educational materials on safety and health practices; and to assist and support worthy charities consistent with SHF's mission.

$10 off for W & OD 5K, Potomac River Run Half and Full Marathon and Abebe Bikila Half and Full Marathons.

To obtain discount, select category Members of Supporting Clubs

Bad to the Bone Race Series - 2018


Use code DCCS10 for 10% off any of their races.  (20% discount for our members)

Athletic Equation Race Series - 2017


Use code 2018AEIDCCS5 for 5% off any of their races. (15% discount for our members)

Potomac River Running Company Races - 2018


Use code DCCS18PR for $5 off any of their races

Destination Races Series - 2018

Destination Races takes you to some of the finest wine regions in the world, providing an opportunity to truly smell, taste and feel the terroir of each unique destination. Each event is crafted like a blend of fine red wine, to be enjoyed and savored. Within each event and each location you’ll see something new, and experience what makes the Wine Country Half Marathons so special. Most races sell out, so make your plans early to come stay and play, the Destination Races way!


Use code DCCS10 for $10 off any races with exception of Napa to Sonoma 

Adventure Geek Productions - 2017




Use code DCCS2017 to get 15% off ANY of their races!

(Races will be published soon!)

North Face Endurance Challenge Series - 2018


Use code DCCS15 for 15% off DC, New York, and Boston events!

Old Dominion Racing - 2017

Herndon Half - September 23, 2017

Laufvergnugen 5K - October 14, 2017

Superfly 5K - November 11, 2017

Use code DCCS10 for 10% off all races



(steeper discounts for DCCS members)