Amazing Race

On Saturday, April 1st, 50 DC Capital Striders runners will embark on a journey through Washington DC for an amazing race style event.   10 team captains with four other runners on their teams will try to solve clues (locations around town) where they will have to take a groupie (group photo) together in front of the monument, statue, or building.   The last clue will be a bar/restaurant in the immediate area for post event celebrations.  The team that gets to the bar/restaurant and has taken a group photo in front of each location will be declared the winner!   

Ragnar has agreed to pay for the first adult beverage for each participant at the bar/restaurant!

Sign up is open now!   We have spots for a few more team captains, so create your teams and sign on up!

More Information and registration here:!event/2017/4/1/dccs-amazing-race-2017