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Altra Joins Us! - Wednesday, August 21: Altra Rep Kyle joins the Wednesday evening Trail Run - test out new shoes, get swag! - https://www.facebook.com/events/381914502531269/

Saucony Joins Us! - Wednesday, September 4: Saucony Rep Ken joins the Wednesday evening Trail Run - test out new shoes, get swag! - https://www.facebook.com/events/512721399498525/

** will only be able to see the above events if you are a member of the DCCS Trail Running Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dccswolfpack/

Trail Running Summer Camp 2019

Each summer, DC Capital Striders Running Group hosts 5 to 6 various outings typically on Saturday’s at scenic trails within a few hours of Washington DC. These runs, walks and hikes are open to anyone who wishes to join us. Please know that these outings take the runner, walker or hiker into the woods/mountains so it’s very important to always be safe, join with a friend, and carry enough water and/or food, supplies you may require. Occasionally, after the attendees visit a local brewery, winery, or restaurant for post run, hike, food, refreshments. You can see all of these summer camp events on our DCCS; Trail Running “Wolfpack” Facebook page here:


Destinations in 2019 include June 22 (Ravens Rock/Snickers Gap); June 29 (Elizabeth’s Furnace); July 13 (Sky Meadows); July 20 (Strickler Knob); August 17 (Weverton Cliff/Heights)

Announcements this Month - June 2019

We welcomed these new members in June: BJ Shannon

Members who renewed in June: George Sefzik, Lou Brooks and Margie Almanza

Public Race Discounts - Private Discounts for DCCS Members

Ragnar Races - 2019

Trail Applachians - Big Bear Lake Campgrounds, WV - August 9-10, 2019 - https://www.runragnar.com/event-detail/trail/appalachians_wv#overview

Use code DCCS19 for $80 off your registration. (Steeper discount for paid DCCS members)

Washington DC Sunset - National Harbor, MD - September 21, 2019 - https://www.runragnar.com/event-detail/sunset/washington-dc#overview

Use code SUNSETDC for $20 off your registration. (Steeper discount for paid DCCS members)

EX2 Adventures - 2019 - https://www.ex2adventures.com/

Use code DCCS2019EX25 for 5% off trail races. Excluding the XTERRA EX2 triathlon, adventure races, and any of the running series. (10% off for our members)

Safety and Health Foundation Series - 2019 - http://www.safetyandhealthfoundation.org/

10$ off Potomac River Run Half and Full Marathon and Abebe Bikila Half and Full Marathons. To obtain discount, select category Members of Supporting Clubs

Bad to the Bone Race Series - 2019 - https://www.badtothebone.biz/

Use code DCCS10 for 10% off any of their races.  (20% off for our members)

Athletic Equation Race Series - 2019 - https://athletic-equation.com/

Use code 2019AEIDCCS5 for 5% off any of their races. (15% discount for our members)

Potomac River Running Company Races - 2019 - http://potomac.enmotive.com/

Use code PR19DCCS for $5 off any of their races

Old Dominion Racing - 2019 - http://www.olddominionracing.com/

Use code DCCS10 for 10% off all races (20% for our members) 


(steeper discounts for DCCS members) 

Sunday, September 15, 2019 - Revenge of the Penguins 10 and 20 miler (C & O Towpath) - http://www.mc-coop.org/revenge_of_the_penguins.aspx

Use code ROTPDIS10 for $10 off entry.