Frequently Asked Questions?

What should I expect when I come to a group run?  Does everyone run together?  What if I am slower than the other runners?

Expect to be welcomed warmly and greeted by a friendly run group host.  Expect to be introduced to the group; informed of the course and hopefully aligned with other runners who run at your pace.  Each run is designed as an out and back, so there are cut-offs in case you don't wish to complete the entire distance.  

Do I have to be a member to run with the group?

NO!  All of our runs will always be free and welcome to anyone who wishes to join.  Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers.   BUT, with a paid membership, you get so many other perks - check them out by clicking here.

Do DCCS runners train and/or race together?

Often, local races are scheduled on our meetup pages, and runners who sign up often will communicate and may meet each other at local races.  Additionally, the more you get to know runners at one of our group runs, often runners sign up for races and train together either during the group runs, at some of our weekend runs, or various other times not scheduled by DCCS.

I heard many DCCS members volunteer at races in the community, how do I get involved?

Yes, DCCS volunteers at many races in the community each year.  If you wish to help out, please send email to and we will be in touch. Additionally, you can join our volunteer facebook page at:

Does DCCS offer any training programs?

At this time, DCCS does not offer any formal training programs; however many of our runners are certified personal trainers and running coaches.  Many of our run group hosts have years of running experience and can offer training tips and other information related to helping you achieve your personal running goals.

I heard DCCS schedules various functions throughout the year for different charities, what are they?

Each winter, DCCS schedules a Holiday Lights Run where runners get together for a festive fun run, and then have drinks and food at a local hotel bar/restaurant.  Each year, DCCS gives thousands of dollars to beneficiaries chosen by the DCCS Board and also collects toys for the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program.

Each spring, DCCS schedules an Amazing Race event where runners get together in teams, solve clues, take groupies at various destinations around town and then enjoy drinks and food at a local hotel bar/restaurant/pub. We have given thousands of dollars to Back on my Feet, Wounded Warrior Project and House of Ruth.

DCCS has also partnered with RunInOUT as part of the EU Embassy Half Marathon each May; raising money also for various charities.