Amazing Race 2018

When: April 22, 2018

Time: 9:30 am

Where: Meet outside Smithsonian Metro Station on the grass near the bikeshare.

Cost: FREE to DCCS paid members.   If you are not a paid member of DCCS by March 31, 2018; you will not be able to participate in this event.  To become a member or renew your membership, please visit

Participants: 10 team captains; 40 team members.  10 teams of 5 runners each.  If you can't find 4 others who wish to be on your team as a captain, we will place individual runners on your team prior to the event. 

The Event:  On the morning of April 22nd, each team captain will receive a packet.  In the packet, will be a list of destinations that you will need to visit - clues for each will be provided.  As a team, you will need to determine how to get to each destination, take a group photo in front of the destination and make it to the final place (the last clue).  Teams can go in any order you wish; however you can make it harder for yourself if you don't take the most efficient route.   Typical mileage will be between 5 to 8 miles for most teams with stops to take group photos. 

The Last Clue/Destination:  The last destination is a local restaurant/bar/pub in the immediate Washington DC area.   At the destination, we will have tables set aside for DCCS Amazing Race runners and friends.  We will give away prizes to the teams that show the most spirit (perhaps team outfits); team that arrives first and gets to all the locations.  All teams should arrive at the last location by around Noon.   Drinks and food specials will be provided by the bar/restaurant.  Bring money/credit cards with you!

More information will be provided to team captains and participants in the next few months. 

Teams Filled/Near Completion Thus Far:

GEACK Squad - Captain (George Scott), Kirk Masterson, Alexandra Gloria, Eric Tang, Chris Moore)

Extra Milers - Captain (Elijah Minter), Larkin Terrie, Scott Osdras, 

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