August 2018 DCCS Featured Runner of the Month - Charles Tongue

DCCS congratulates Charles Tongue for being nominated as the August 2018 Featured Runner of the Month. Charles was the co-lead for the Saturday morning Dupont Circle run for many years, thank you Charles!

Short interview here:

1.  Tell us more about yourself? Family? Occupation? What brought you to DC?

I moved to DC with my job, mining finance, in 2014. My wife, Sarah, came with me and we have since been joined by two little boys. I have always run but, before coming to DC, had never been part of a club. Our eldest boy has been running with me (in a stroller) since he was 6 months old, he has a great time with the group, mainly the coffee and cake at the end.

2. How long have you been co-leading the Dupont Run? How did you get involved with DCCS?

DCCS was one of my first social interactions when getting to the city. I was still in temporary accommodation and, I think, my first or second weekend I joined the DuPont group. It was a great way to meet people and explore the city, there are people in that group from before I joined who are still coming along. A few years later the then leader, Dan, gave up the role and I felt moved to take it up in order to keep the group going. I am now lucky to have a great group of people who help me out. 

3. Do you race often? Any running accomplishments you are most proud of? 

I don't race as much as I should! I did run, with another DCCS member, the Marine Core Marathon in 2016 and was happy with a 3.14 time. I've also run a few relay races with DCCS members and had a great time.