DCCS November 2018 Featured Runner of the Month - Pam Piligian

We congratulate Pam Piligian for being nominated as our November 2018 Featured Runner of the Month - read a little bit about Pam’s Story here!

1.  Tell us a bit more about yourself?  Where from, what you do, family, etc?

Moved to Northern Virginia last year after 25+ years in Atlanta, so newbie here.

I’m director of marketing at Navy Federal Credit Union, moved here for the opportunity.  Love my job — proud to be part of such a purpose driven organization.

I married my college sweetheart and we have two grown boys, 24 and 22.  our “Baby is senior at Michigan State University.  

2.  How long have you been running and do you have any favorite races or trails/areas to run locally?

I ran in college when PE was a required class.  Selected running as it didn’t require hand-eye coordination or wearing bad outfit, i.e. Volleyball or Softball.  

3.  Tell us some of your running accomplishments or goals?

I’m on mission to run a marathon in each of the 50 states.  I just completed my 30th marathon, 24th state.  I ran my first marathon at 40, in honor of “BIG” birthday.  Ran Marine Corp Marathon and checked accomplishment off my goal list. Three years later, a dear friend from college asked if I can another marathon in me... I agreed to run Chicago with my friend....followed by New York to check off the big three.  At NY, Katie Holmes ran and was talking about Boston next.  I checked her time and she was behind me ... and younger.. yet going to Boston.  I needed to drop 11 minutes to make the cut off....so I met with a coach to see if it was possible and worked for a year to drop 11 min... time on track, etc.  Then in Dallas, I qualified by 11 seconds... so I went to Boston! 

Requalified 4 years ago at Richmond.  So went back in my new age group.  

4.  How did you find out about DCCS and which runs do you typically attend?

Found out about the group on The Oakton Facebook Page.  They were immediately welcoming and supportive.  Given my travel schedule, I don’t run with them as often as I should but will be back again.