DCCS October, 2018 Featured Runner of the Month - Andrene Taylor

We wish to congratulate Andrene Taylor for being nominated and accepting the October Feature Runner of the Month! Learn about Andrene here:

1.  Can you tell us about yourself?  Where from, your background, occupation, etc?

My name is Andrene Taylor, Jamaican-born Black American runner. I teach at Montgomery College and serve as Creative Director at a visual storytelling agency, Zuri Productions. 

2.  When did you start running with DCCS?  Which of our group runs do you typically enjoy?

I began my running career as a long sprinter, specializing in 400 meters through college. About five or six years ago, coming off a long illness that significantly diminished my physical ability, I decided to try running long distances. I did a 5k. Then, I ran Rock n Roll Half. Although my training was haphazard, I completed the race. I realized that part of the reason my race training wasn't as disciplined as I would have liked was that I was running alone. I found the Capital Striders in Adams Morgan 6:30 am, and I've run with them ever since. What I enjoy most about the group is the sense of community and support. By no means am I one of the fastest runners, I am never made to feel like a terrible runner.  

3.  Any particular races you are most proud of, or any races you are currently training for?

If there is any race that I am proud of, it is my first 5k. When I started running, as I mentioned, I was coming off a long illness, it took me over an hour to run 3.1 miles. In less than three months, I ran a 5k in about 30 mins. While 30 minutes isn't setting the world on fire, it was a significant improvement. The race was a signal of my physical and psychological strength and resilience.