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Trail:  Ragnar Trail Appalachians - Big Bear Lake Camplands - August 10/11, 2018


Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, presented by Salomon, is happening on Aug. 10-12 at Big Bear Lake. Get ready to escape the daily grind, push your limits, and camp out with your friends at a truly magical location. Any level of runner can come conquer the trails as you find yourself in this journey of adventure, self-discovery, and sheer nature-loving goodness.

Teams of 8 runners (or 4-member ultra teams), come together to enjoy sweet singletrack and perfectly perpendicular trees casting shadows on your path. Your team will run day, and night and day again (!!!) past every shade of green known to man through the dense Appalachian forest. Each runner hits the trail one at a time, while the rest of the team has the option to take in the party vibe at Ragnar Village, catch up on sleep(?), or explore a sea of decorated campsites.

Once every runner on your team has completed all three loops, you’ll be crowned the title “Ragnarian.” Bragging rights means a multi-functional finisher medal/tool dangling from your neck, sore legs and cache of wild stories to tell.

The race starts on Friday, but you can get the party started early Thursday with s’mores, a big communal campfire and shared strategies for completing the race. Grab your most adventurous pals − or anyone up for a nature-filled weekend − and stock up on sleep now! Mark your running calendar for Aug. 10-12!

Road: Cumberland to Washington DC - September 28,/29, 2018


Run the race dubbed, “Ragnar’s Best Kept Secret”

Reebok Ragnar Washington DC, happening on Sept. 28-29, 2018, is a running adventure through Maryland’s picturesque countryside that’ll have you and your hand-picked team of 12 (or 6) runners coming back year after year!

Your 200-ish mile adventure kicks off in the town of Cumberland, MD. From there, teams run east for two days and one star-filled night, past thick forest trails, scenic pathways, charming historic Civil War-era towns and eventually the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial!

This overnight running relay race doesn’t stop when the sun goes down (or when the tough gets going!). On Friday, as the sun sinks below the horizon, the moon overhead will inspire a sense of wonder. This is when the real fun begins! You’ll have to dig deep and push yourself—and your teammates—to keep running through the night as headlamps illuminate your way and into the sunrise on Saturday morning.

No one starts Reebok Ragnar Washington D.C. alone, and no one finishes alone either. After each team member completes their 3 legs (6 legs for ultra), they’ll finish together at Yards Park in downtown Washington D.C.—tired but triumphant, drained but strengthened— for together they have done what they could never do alone. Mark your running calendar for Sept. 28-29, 2018 and get ready to experience a different side of the areas surrounding the Nation’s Capital.