DCCS September 2018 Featured Runner of the Month - Omar Hernandez

DCCS would like to congratulate Omar Hernandez for being nominated as the DCCS Featured Runner of the Month - read his story here! Congratulations Omar!

1.  Tell us about yourself? Where grew up? Family? What you do for work?

I’m a 39 year old single father who came to this country when I was eight months old. I’ve grown up in the DC metro area and I have always lived in the DC area. I recently started going back to school to pursue my Cybersecurity Degree from NVCC and I’m planning to transfer to GWU to pursue my Bachelors in Cybersecurity.  I am federal contractor who works as a Service Desk Analyst for the IT Department for the FDIC in Arlington, VA 

2.  When did you start running? Any favorite distance raced? Training for anything? Race accomplishments proud of?

I started running when I was 33 years old initially to lose weight. My favorite distance is probably 10 miles. I’m most proud of the first time I ran Marine Corps Marathon in 2015. It was my first marathon ever. 

3. How and when did you find DCCS? Run with any groups in particular? 

From what I remember it was a combination of the Tuesday Evening runs that used to be at the Potomac River Running store on Route 7. I often join the Alexandria group runs and step in as a co-leader when the leaders aren’t available. I have also volunteered quite a bit with the club.