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DCCS Amazing Race 2017

DCCS Amazing Race 2017

Event: DCCS Amazing Race 2017

Time: 9:00 AM (runners meet outside the Smithsonian Metro Station on the National Mall near the bike share) - we will congregate on the grass there.  Team captains will check in with their team members (one captain with four others per team). 

The Race:   Runners will be in teams of 5 people (50 people max, meaning 10 teams of 5 runners).  We NEED 10 group leaders and 4 runners with them on their team.   Teams will get a packet of clues - destinations that they need to visit, take a group selfie in front of and lastly hit the last spot - a local bar/restaurant in the area for drinks/food/raffle prizes!

You can use your phones to determine where you need to visit, but you need to visit these locations on foot - the idea is you run to each of them!!!!    When teams get to the last location - we will determine the winning team based on who gets their first and/or which team visited ALL the locations.   There will most likely be 5 or 6 locations within 1/2 mile of the National Mall.   IF you determine all the locations you need to visit and plan your route accordingly, you will most likely run around 4 to 5 miles total.  IF you determine the locations wrong, you will obviously run more.

ALL teams are expected at the last LOCATION by hopefully NOON!!!   We will have drink and food specials and will ask for donations for the charity, Back on my Feet! - this event is a fundraiser for them!  We will raffle off prizes at the bar/restaurant.  BRING CASH because we probably will sell tickets for the items we will raffle.  The bar/restaurant also has agreed to make a donation to the charity!

Cost: FREE!!!   But again, we will ask for donations at the bar/restaurant.    

What you need? - you will need a phone (for looking up clues and taking photographs of your team in front of the locations), comfortable clothes.  NO ONE will be watching bags or personal gear, so only bring what you need.  You will need to run with your keys, wallet, phones, etc so perhaps bring a backpack or something, or a jacket with pockets.   If you want to leave a personal bag, we can transport it to the bar/restaurant but honestly your best option is to only bring what you need.   IF you decide to bring personal bag, please make sure it is clearly marked with your name.

Once, we get the bar food/drink specials menu, we will post it, but we will have a FULL bar and have it to ourselves! Outdoor seating will also be available if weather is conducive.

More Information Here:!event/2017/4/1/dccs-amazing-race-2017