DCCS at Bull Run Run 50 and The North Face Endurance Challenge

While the runners were greeted with rain, sleet, hail, snow, and sunshine, let's not forget that the volunteers had to brave the same elements for hours as well! Between the Bull Run Run 50-miler and the North Face Endurance Challenge, 25 DCCS volunteers donated their time and top-notch service for the running community. 

At the North Face Endurance Challenge, 13 DCCS volunteers were stationed at Great Falls Park on the Ridge Trail, off Old Dominion Drive. Despite it's so wet that they couldn't even mark the runner's bib but had to punch holes instead, James Dankert, Captain of the aid station, described the day as "the Old Dominion Dance Party." In between refilling water bottles and re-stocking food, they were dancing to the blasting tunes "to keep warm and to help keep up the spirits of the runners who were coming through." The Race's Operation Officer later commented that he could have "slept in the truck the entire time."

For the Bull Run Run 50 mile Race, volunteer duties began well before race day. Around 12 DCCS volunteers helped at the Fountainhead aid station, including a few overachievers who helped marking the course and clearing the trail the day before, and directed traffic at O'dark thirty on race morning. As AS Captain Tom Mcnulty puts it, "despite the dreary conditions, spirits were high and everyone had an awesome time!"

Thank you volunteers!